Center for Creativity

About Us


The Center for Creativity seeks to foster connections between and among members of the University community whose scholarly efforts and passions are rooted in “making stuff”: stories, pictures, music, scenes, statements, apps, messes, etc. 

More particularly, the Center for Creativity

  • provides opportunities for creators to connect outside of their disciplines
  • encourages partnerships to establish new creative opportunities for the Pitt community
  • supports development of project-based courses taught across disciplines
  • works toward a coherent view of Pitt's diverse makerspaces and their resources
  • commits to recognition for the University of Pittsburgh as a creative powerhouse

The Center's spaces are intentionally and purposefully open to students, staff, and faculty in all programs of the University. 


Black Lives Matter

statement by the Center for Creativity

Black lives matter.

This is not a controversial slogan. It is a statement of fact.

At the Center for Creativity, we know that we have work to do, work that includes but goes beyond fostering diversity and inclusivity. We believe in the power of making things, and now more than ever, it is clear that one of those things must be “change.”

We reject – and commit to taking action against – systemic racism and its manifestations: inequity, police brutality, erasure, and neglect. We embrace – and commit to supporting and participating in – the work of justice and transformation.  

Necessarily, what we do will not be enough, because there is no “enough.” Anti-racism is a process to which we pledge our resources. New strategies and opportunities will emerge: we will engage them. New voices will shout, sing, and bear witness: they will have microphones. 

Black lives matter.

This statement is meant to be the beginning of an ongoing process at the Center for Creativity. It is intended to evolve: we invite comments and suggestions from all Pitt community members. Please email us at



Year of the Humanities

Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor Patricia E. Beeson designated the academic year 2015–2016 as the Year of the Humanities in the University. The Center for Creativity was established as a Provost’s Office reporting unit as an outcome of Year of the Humanities.