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Students craft, converse at new Center for Creativity

“It is the nature of what it means to be human,” reflected Laskas. “We make, we create — that is what humanity is certainly about."



Nancy Kirkwood brings eco-art to Center for Creativity

“I’ve never spent a day creating and then felt really bad about having spent the day that way,” Kirkwood said. “And now, I get to do it for a job, so it’s awesome.”





Creative opportunities 

(from Pitt's Health Sciences Library System newsletter)

“The Center has provided the space, both physically and socially, to connect with new people and new ideas. At the Center, I had the chance to come up with Dream Courses that combined Health Sciences, Engineering, the Humanities…the Center helped both the free flow of ideas and the potential for planning and implementation. Having a chance to meet in the Center is great because the environment alone can inspire such great discussion.” Ravi Patel, PharmD, School of Pharmacy


Pastels and paints: ARTificial club provides students with creative outlet 


“When I came to college, in my mind I told myself I would have to stop making art,” Mahmood said. “But I honestly find that when you take a little bit of time out every week or every day [to make art], suddenly everything else falls into place, too.”







Creativity featured in Pitt Magazine

The emphasis is on making things - using sculpting clay, 3d pens, paint, fabric, and much more - to encourage innovation, creative problem-solving, and thinking outside the box. It's a place where engineering majors can work on poetry beside literature students designing an app.


Centers for Integrative Medicine, Creativity Keep Bodies, Minds Healthy

Pride Week 2017 preview

Pitt students decorate t-shirts for It’s On Us campaign


Getting creative

Year of the Humanities: Schools and Disciplines Find Common Ground