wall of upcycled supplies like wood, cork, etc. labeled "Recreate"

Sustainability is a key component of the Center for Creativity, and we're happy to accept donations of supplies for the Pitt community.

Because we have limited storage space, we curate our supplies carefully to maintain an inspirational mix of materials.

Following are some of our staples. We're always in need of these essentials:
  • Paper 
  • Metal bottle caps
  • Clean resealable plastic bags
  • Vintage board game pieces
  • Legos
  • Used or unused postcards
  • Vintage books and magazines
  • Old photographs and filmstrips
  • Wallpaper
  • Small machinery parts and gears
  • Keys
  • Cord, twine, and wire
  • Jewelry-making supplies (beads, wire, etc.) 
You don't need to make an appointment, or check in advance, to donate any of these materials: you're welcome to drop off whenever we're open! If you have other supplies or equipment you're interested in donating, please email us at