Creative Healing: A Social Justice Art Collaboration

Creative Healing: A Social Justice Art Collaboration
A collaboration between the Center for Creativity and University Counseling Center, Creative Healing invites Pitt makers to explore, create, and connect around topics of social justice and healing through creative expression and dialogue.

Sessions meet Wednesdays from 3:30-5 p.m. in C4C: The Workshop (in the University Store on Fifth) starting Oct. 5. Works created have the opportunity to be featured throughout campus.

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Be Inspired by the Nationality and Heritage Rooms

In celebration of International Artists Day (October 25) and to recognize artistic expression worldwide, the Nationality Rooms & Intercultural Exchange Program, in partnership with the Center for Creativity, invites University students, staff, and faculty to use the Nationality and Heritage Rooms as springboards for creative expression—to see in them the positive energy and product of the universal urge to create.

Whether you are painter, draftsperson, weaver, poet, ambient sound artist, or something else altogetherm, we are interested in how the Nationality Rooms have inspired your interpretation of these wonderful gifts to the Pittsburgh and University community.

You may make and submit up to three artworks. Submission of works can be made digitally or physically to the Center for Creativity. Exhibition will be via digital presentations on C4C and Nationality Rooms websites, and the possibility exists for some work to be physically displayed in locations pertinent to the Nationality Rooms.


  • Please do not make anything too large to be out of consideration for physical display, if physical display is your preference for exhibition.
  • Be aware that if items are physically displayed, they are subject to being viewed and interacted with by many members of the University and outside communities, and the security of physically displayed work is not guaranteed or within the scope of staff capacity.
  • A founding principle of the Nationality Rooms & Intercultural Exchange Program has been to focus on positivity and intercultural learning. Some curation of work will occur to ensure that issues of size and content match the intention of a positive and joyous celebration and of the joining of many people and ideas in the aim to do so. To respect the spirit of diversity and inclusion, we ask that you keep the Pitt Promise in mind when submitting work, specifically:
    • I will embrace the concept of a civil community, which abhors violence, theft, and exploitation of others.
    • I will support a culture of diversity by respecting the rights of those who differ from myself.
    • I will contribute to the development of a caring community where compassion for others and freedom of thought and expression are valued.
    • I will honor, challenge, and contribute to the scholarly heritage left by those who preceded me and work to leave this a better place for those who follow.
  • By agreeing to participate, you accept that images of your work may be used in promotion of this event and you release the C4C and the NRIEP to do so, with no compensation due to you, and you release the aforementioned departments from liability connected to the representation, presentation and physical life of your submitted works.
  • The actual day of International Artists Day (October 25) will be celebrated with a late afternoon tour of the Nationality Rooms to which participating artists will be invited to talk about their experience. The exhibition will remain up through that week.
  • Deadline to submit work is October 17.

Preparatory Information

The Nationality Rooms Tour Coordinator will lead several tours through September and October for interested artists to expose you to the material nature of the rooms and to accentuate creative aspects contained within the rooms that are toured. In other words, you can go on a research opportunity tour to prepare what you want to do, take pictures, sketch quickly. Those info tours will occur on:

  • September 29 (Thursday) at 5:15 p.m.
  • October 4 (Tuesday) at 12 p.m.
  • October 6 (Thursday) at 5:15 p.m.

To attend a tour, please email no later than 5 p.m. the day before your requested tour date. 

Submit your work