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C4C Creative Challenges

Each month, we bring together a diverse group of makers and put them to the test: a timed creative challenge using common materials in uncommon ways. We record the process and release the creative mayhem onto an unsuspecting YouTube audience. It's fast, it's joyfully chaotic, and it's open to you. We'd love to feature you as a participant! Check out the videos below, and email us at to join an upcoming challenge!


Challenge #6: Sticky Note Art


Challenge #5: Painting with Food


Challenge #4: Recreating Halloween Costumes


Challenge #3: Mystery Item Poetry


Challenge #2: 60-Second Self Portrait


Challenge #1: Everyday Masterpieces


The COVe, a harbor for art in troubling times

We've started an online zine to collect and curate art, writing, comics, and graphics produced during these strange days of physical distancing.

The COVe aims to collect and share work from Pitt creators. Work need not be COVID-19 themed, or specifically reference themes of isolation or social/physical distancing: our goal is to collect and share the work you, our Pitt creative community, are producing during these unique times.

Writing, collage, digital art, drawings, paintings, comics, scribbles, and all other forms of 2D work are welcome. If you can put it in a PDF file, we're interested. 

​Submit by emailing with your attachment!