Center for Creativity

2021-22 Workshops

Stay tuned for more Fall 2021 Workshops!


Fall into Painting

Wednesday, Sept. 29  | 3-4:30 p.m.


Dive into autumn with a special still life painting workshop featuring fall flowers and foliage.

As fall approaches, we start to see some of the last blooms of the year. We also get a glimpse of an interesting selection of seeds, pods, and fall leaves as plants prepare themselves for winter. 

Join us to paint a still life of real fall flowers and other beautiful botanical finds local to the Pittsburgh area. 

Materials provided. Facilitated by Jasmine Green, Center for Creativity.


Two Prints & a Process

Thursday, September 30  |  5:30-7:30 p.m.


Create a print by combining two unique print techniques, and see how you can use these processes with our letterpress.

Learn two different print processes and how to combine them into one final print. 

You’ll gain basic knowledge of how to make both a monoprint and a linocut print, as well as see some cool ways that you can utilize these processes with our Vandercook letterpress. 

When you’ll finish, you’ll have a bright handmade print! 

Materials provided. Facilitated by Mike Campbell, Center for Creativity


Who I Am: Identity Through Print

Friday, Oct. 8  |  2-4 p.m.


Join us as we create short-form poster poetry centered around identity, social justice, and visions of the future.

Identity is is a key aspect of self-determination: how we define ourselves affects how we dream, fight for, and console one another. 

This is no more evident than in the concise words of a poster that defined the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike, and that still carries weight with us to this day: “I Am A Man."

Join us as we use our Vandercook letterpress to declare to the world, and remind ourselves, who we are.

Materials provided. This workshop is held in conjunction with the Center for African American Poetry and Poetics "Thinking in Creative Practice: A Day of Creativity and Reflection." Facilitated by Jasmine Green, Center for Creativity.


Photo to Fabric: An Art for August x C4C x ULS Program

Tuesday, Oct. 12  |  4-6 p.m.


Hear weaver and fiber artist LaVerne Kemp discuss her artwork“Red Hot Jazz” and learn how to transfer your own photograph or archival image to fabric, sew a small pillow, and create simple embellishments by hand.

When you’ll finish, you’ll have a small handmade pillow featuring your photographic print.

You'll supply your own photograph: details will be sent following registration. All other materials provided. 

Facilitated by LaVerne Kemp, Art for August featured artist.

Art for August is a new initiative by August Wilson House to support local artists by commissioning original work that celebrates the legacy of the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright. Ten selected Pittsburgh-area artists created new art that pays homage to the influence of the work and life of Wilson. The installation can be found on the third floor of Hillman Library until November 1.

Make Your Own Notebooks

Wednesday, Oct. 13  |  5:30-7:30 p.m.


Come make your own softcover notebooks at the Text & conText Lab!

Learn how to make a 3-hole pamphlet, a dos-à-dos notebook, and a concertina book with sewn pamphlets. These three basic structures are extremely versatile and allow for an infinite number of variations. 

This workshop is ideal for a first initiation to bookbinding and paper engineering. It is also designed to encourage you to improvise and create your own versions of these three elegant yet playful structures. 

Materials provided. Facilitated by Anaïs Grateau, Archives & Special Collections Preservation Coordinator, University Library System.


photo of homemade special effects makeup resembling bloodMaking Faces: SFX Made Easy

Thursday, Oct. 21  |  3-4:30 p.m.


Create some cool SFX looks using supplies you might already have around your house!

Special effects makeup doesn’t have to be something that only professionals do, and even those artists don’t stick to fancy latex prosthetics for all their effects. 

Learn ways to make prosthetics and build up weird, cool effects using supplies you might have around your home. If you want to finish the look, bring along your own foundation, eye shadow, and brushes. (Other materials will be provided.) 

Facilitated by Mike Campbell, Center for Creativity.


photo of young woman in dress carrying cleaverEverybody Has a Secret Face: Queer Horror & Poetry

Tuesday, Oct. 26  |  7-8:30 p.m.


Explore horror film and poetry writing from a queer perspective in this virtual generative writing workshop.

Horror cuts right to the heart of our hidden fears and desires. For decades, queer horror fans have found dark reflections of our lives and experiences in scary movies. 

In this workshop, we mine horror films to find poetic inspiration, exploring the scenes that haunt us to write about what's terrifying, intriguing, or maybe even attractive in this genre. 

No previous writing experience is required: beginners welcome!

Facilitated by Erik Schuckers, Center for Creativity