Center for Creativity


Audience Choice Award Winners

1st Place: Aditi Sridhar, "Procrastination"


2nd Place: Francisco Carattino and Kathryn Human, "Chobani"


3rd Place: Jake Rucket and Cristina Chew, "Uncertainty"



Shreya Agrawal, "The Little Princess"


Elizabeth Amstutz, "PA Natives"


Ben Asciutto, "Deified"


Ria Chadha, "Inside Look - Main Character's Slow Onset of Insanity"


Juhi Farooqui, "Imposter Syndrome"


Owen Gambill, "Shadow Queen"


Emma Korb, "Antiquarian"


Jacob Mahaffey, "Homecoming Court Campaign Ad"


Grace Ruble, "A Lovely Drawing"


Gina Watkins, "Trapped"


Kailee White, Eva Haimowitz, Kit Conway, & Matt Konin, "Late Night Snack"


Tiffany Young, "The Intersection"


Vivian Zauhar, "A Quarantine Journal"


One-Page Screenplays

Juhi Farroqui, "Imposter Syndrome"


Trevia Hardiman, "The Clown in the Ditch"