Center for Creativity

Open Mic N'at

Hungry to perform? Join us and you just might claim a Primanti's gift card!

The Pittsburgh salad. The Primanti's sandwich. Our city often gets creative by taking something good and adding just a little extra. (Often fries.)

This year, we're taking our virtual open mic nights and adding fries. At Open Mic N'at, the "n'at" can be anything you can share via Zoom. Take us through a slideshow of your visual art and talk about it. Share your video creations. Record music and harmonize with yourself live. 

Of course, we welcome all the usual open mic performance genres, too: original music or covers; poetry, storytelling, and spoken word; skits or monologues. Our virtual stage is open to all Pitt faculty, staff, and students.

And as if universal acclaim and personal fulfillment were not enough, every performer is eligible to receive a $20 Primanti Brothers gift card. We'll award one gift card by raffle after each Open Mic N'at event. 

Monthly themes are not exclusive. Some folks like to have a theme to help create or choose work, but if your piece doesn't "fit" the theme, no problem. Bring it along and share; we're cool like that.

Fall 2022 dates coming soon!