Processing... Season 1

Processing... Season 1

What are your assumptions about creativity?

"Processing..." will question, explode, subvert, and, in some cases, confirm what you think you already know about creativity (and the University of Pittsburgh community).

Through one-on-one conversation, our podcast explores the individual experience with creativity, with a focus on its processes rather than its products. Join us for inspiration, community, and a connection to your own creative process.

Theme music this season by Pachyderm.
Episode 1 | Taylor Waits

Taylor Waits on creating across disciplines, social activism, and making in the time of coronavirus.


Episode 2 | Will Entrekin

Will Entrekin on the power of storytelling, technology and the democratization of publishing, and the universality of creativity.

Episode 3 | Adam Nie

Adam Nie on collaboration, connection, and using the whole buffalo. Additional music this episode: "Comfortable Mystery 2 " by Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0 License

Episode 4 | Jeff Oaks

Jeff Oaks on the importance of exploration, channeling curiosity and anxiety, and thwarting mortality through creative making. Additional music this episode: Walt Yang and the University of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Episode 5 | Ana Rodriguez Castillo

Ana Rodriguez Castillo on the intersection of scientific and artistic processes, the importance of curiosity, and the risks of barbequing your materials. Additional music this episode: "The Dark Glow of the Mountains" by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Episode 6 | Frank March

Frank March on discovering style through experimentation, finding delight in unconventional materials, and his room of misfit paintings. Additional music this episode: "With a Stamp" by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Additional music by Unicorn Heads and Letter Box.

Episode 7 | Babs Carryer

Babs Carryer on storytelling, the connection between creativity and innovation, how acting led her into entrepreneurship, and the significance of a blue baby carriage. Additional music this episode: Chris Zabriskie, E's Jammy Jams, and Aaron Kenny.