Center for Creativity

Open Mic Info and Gallery

We get questions sometimes about Open Mic guidelines, so we've put a little information together to help!

Our only qualification to participate in an Open Mic is that you're a current member of the University of Pittsburgh community: student, staff, or faculty. 

C4C Open Mic Nights have two goals: to provide an open platform for artistic expression, and to help build a diverse creative community that supports other artists

Our Open Mic takes the Pitt Promise - and specifically its commitment to a civil community, personal integrity, and a culture of diversity where freedom of thought and expression are valued - as its foundation. 

Open mic performances on any given night may include frank and honest language and difficult or challenging themes. As a performer, use what is necessary to tell your story and express yourself artistically, while keeping in mind that your audience is a diverse group of humans with different life experiences, backgrounds, and points of view. 

Our one unbreakable rule when you are on-mic is to treat people with respect: the audience and yourself. 

As an audience member, remember that it's a risk to share your music, writing, or other art with the world, and support performers by being attentive and respectful. 

Be the audience you'd like to have. 


Guillermo Bey & Adriel Pena 


  Maui Smith      Marty Taylor     The Pitt Sisters


   Roger Randolph