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Submissions Open: Creative Interventions to COVID-19

Create an earworm to remind people of important prevention strategies. Make a meme to encourage hand washing or social distancing. Design a new communication tool to educate others on virus transmission, or something to help your community adapt to and connect across a changed academic and social landscape.

Creative responses to public health issues can empower and educate others, and positively affect behavior. From pins used to fundraise for a cure for polio to posters that raised awareness of safer sex practices during the early days of the HIV/AIDS crisis to the use of popular music to help combat the spread of Ebola in Liberia, creativity has played a critical role in public health campaigns. 

With the recent rise of COVID-19, it’s natural to feel helpless in the face of such a worldwide challenge. But there are things we can all do, including using our creativity to connect with and influence others.

The Center for Creativity is hosting a community-wide competition to craft a creative response to and intervention in this public health discussion: any format, any genre, written or visual, analog or digital.

Entries (.jpg or .png files for visual work, or PDF or Word for writing) may be submitted by email to If your entry is performative, please email for info on submitting an audio or video file.

Deadline for entries is Friday, April 10, at 5 p.m. We welcome submissions from current or former Pitt students, faculty, and staff at all campuses, as well as from the greater Pittsburgh community. All entries may be shared via C4C social media, and winning entries (yes, there will be prizes!) will be selected based on creativity, accuracy, and power of communication.


2019-20: The Year of Creativity

Provost Ann Cudd continues the “Year Of” program started by her predecessor, Patricia Beeson, with the Year of Creativity in 2019-20.

“Creativity unites all of the University’s intellectual and artistic endeavors, from neuroscience to sculpture, from legal scholarship to computer science, from music to pharmacogenomics,” Cudd said in a statement. “No single virtue better describes what humans do best than creativity. I look forward to a year devoted to encouraging the creative spark in all of us.”

Check out the Year of Creativity website for more information!