Center for Creativity

Random PAWSitivity


Random PAWSitivity is a year-long collaborative project between the Center for Creativity and the Random Note Project.

The C4C and the RNP share the belief that everyone has a story or a message to share that can positively change someone else's life.

And at the C4C, we love the idea of using creativity to connect people, even strangers, in ways that are meaningful and inspirational. 


How It Works

  1. Pick up or print out a blank Random PAWSitivity note, or make your own (see below).
  2. Write, draw, collage, paint, or otherwise create a mini-work of art to inspire joy, share something meaningful to you, or make a positive difference in someone's day.
  3. Place your work somewhere that it can be discovered by someone else.

Where to Get Blank Notes

You can print out your own templates here: 4-note template or 6-note template.

Or make your own with a blank piece of cardstock or paper! Just be sure to write "" and "" on the bottom or side of your creation so that people can share it.

Coming soon: you can also pick up blank Random PAWSitivity cards at select campus locations.

Where to Place Your Work

We do not support littering or vandalism of any type. We encourage you to check out the seven principles established by Leave No Trace.

For example, please do not place notes on private property or businesses, or in any way that is damaging to another person’s property or to the environment. Always use removable painter’s tape if adhering notes.  

I Found Some PAWSitivity!

Yay! We hope it made your day a little brighter.

Please consider visiting the Random Note Project to submit what you found, and share it on social media with a picture of the work tagging #randomnoteproject and #pittc4c. Maybe even pay it forward by creating and placing a work of your own!  

Need Some Inspiration?

Sometimes, we're all in need of a little extra creative uplift. Making and sharing these notes with strangers can itself be a kind of self-care, but it's important to recognize when you need some inspiration. 

If you'd like to receive some random PAWSitivity yourself, just email us at, and then check your inbox within 24 hours!