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At the Center for Creativity, we believe everyone has a story to tell.

The tools of filmmaking have never been more accessible; most of us carry a high-quality video camera in our pockets every day! The One Minute Film Festival was created to give a platform for visual storytelling to anyone in the Pitt community with an idea and a smartphone or digital camera.

The festival is open to all forms of expression through the moving image: we want to see your narrative shorts, documentaries, stop motion, experimental films, music videos, and anything else you come up with. The only constraint is a time limit.

How can you convey a message, show the meaning in a moment, and compel an audience in only 60 seconds? We're excited to find out!

Schedule of Events

For our inaugural festival, all events and workshops will be taking place virtually.

  • September 23: Festival Kickoff
  • September 30: Screenwriting 101 Workshop (optional)
  • October 6: Screenwriting 102 Workshop (optional)
  • October 28: One Page Screenplay Workshop (optional)
  • November 2 (noon): Deadline for Submissions
  • November 3-5: Audience Choice Awards Voting
  • November 6 (7 p.m.): One Minute Film Festival Screening

The Production period for entrants begins on September 23. Entrants will have just over four weeks to organize their crew (solo filmmakers are welcome too!), write, shoot, edit, and submit their films before November 2.

From November 3-5, all submitted films will be made available for online viewing, and viewers will have the opportunity to vote for the Audience Choice Award. Award winners will be announced at the Screening on November 6.

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