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Pittsburgh Creative Industry Training Initiative Presents: PITTch! 2.0

PITTch! is a program designed to give young people in Southwestern Pennsylvania (14-24) and others a greater sense of jobs and pathways to careers in film, television and other media and entertainment. PITTch! is comprised of online workshops that will give participants an introduction to the film and entertainment industry, a call for submissions of short scripts and screenplays, and summer film labs where high school and college students can shadow and work alongside experienced entertainment industry professionals.


PITTch! Film Labs 

Want to work on a film set this summer? Complete the learning modules for on-set film positions and fill out an application by June 17, 2022 to be considered for a paid position or shadowing opportunity on one of two productions taking place in July and August 2022.  

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PITTch! Submissions Update

Our call for submissions has ended and our team is reviewing the nearly 100 screenplays we’ve received. Two of these films will be selected to be used as part of the PITTch! Film Labs Community Teaching film -  an opportunity for those with an interest in working in film to get hands-on, on-set experience, learning from local professionals in the industry. A final decision will be made in May, and if your screenplay is selected, we will contact you with more information.


Providing pathway to careers in film and TV

There are scores of jobs involved in making films and TV shows, and PITTch workshops will give you valuable insights from working professionals on how to get started and get hands-on experience.  We will have special PITTch workshops and online modules on camera, sound, lighting and other production jobs on and off set, from how to get a job as a production assistant, to career pathways for aspiring writers, producers, and directors.  

Check out the PITTch! Workshops and Events section below for inspiration and tips for writing a winning screenplay.

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PITTch! Events and Workshops

Coming up

PITTch! Film Labs summer productions – July through August 2022 
Complete the learning modules for on-set film positions and fill out an application by June 17, 2022 


Past events

PITTch! Film Labs: How To Work on A Film Set  |  May 11 and May  


On December 2, 2021, we kicked off PITTch! with a panel discussion. We were joined by Greensburg native Sujata Day (Definition Please) and Pitt alum Kelechi Urama (Run the World, Check Yes or No) who shared their experiences as writers and producers. 


On January 27, we welcomed Sujata Day and Kelechi Urama back. They were joined by Pitt alum and This Is Us writer Kay Oyegun to discuss what makes a great story a great screenplay.