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Processing... The Podcast

This is Processing… a podcast produced by the Center for Creativity at the University of Pittsburgh.

In our third season, we’re exploring the Text & conText Lab, a partnership space with the University Library System, located on the third floor of the Hillman Library. We’re talking with experts and enthusiasts both at Pitt and in the community about everything from the press to propaganda – the juxtaposition of antique letterpresses and 3D printers, and the processes that preserve the printed page in a digital world.

New episodes will be posted throughout the summer as the lab gears up. We hope you’ll join us. 

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Episode 305 | In Context: Propaganda


Episode 304 | In Context: Typography



Episode 303 | In Context: Paper



Episode 302 | In Context: Ink



Episode 301 | In Context: The Letterpress



Season 2

Episode 205: Connection & Community


Episode 204: Working Through


Episode 203: Summer of Protest


Episode 202: Pain & Loss


Episode 201: Shock & Denial