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Other Pitt Podcasts

This is intended to be an ongoing list of other Pitt and Pitt-related podcasts. If you know of others, please send us an email at!

Processing...: The Center for Creativity podcast that explores, challenges, and expands ideas about creativity through interviews with University of Pittsburgh creators

Dialogues in AfrolatinidadDialogues in Afrolatinidad explores history, culture, and contemporary issues in Afro-Latin America and U.S.-Afro-Latinx communities. The podcast features interviews with scholars, writers, educators, artists, and community leaders who share their passion for Afro-Latin American and Afro-Latinx Studies, the significance of their intellectual, creative, or community engagement, and resources for learning more.

CSD PodcastThe Pitt CSD Podcast is a podcast run by undergraduate and graduate students in the University of Pittsburgh's Department of Communication Science and Disorders. Our goal is to help bridge the "research-clinical divide" by interviewing some of the biggest names in our field and beyond. 

BackboneBackbone is a podcast series that dives into the everyday struggles and thoughts of the workers that keep our country’s wheels rolling. They are the delivery people, the cooks, the custodians, and many more. Without them, our world is gloomier and more panic stricken than it already is.

Music at Pitt: Produced and hosted by Philip Thompson, this podcast features insightful conversation with faculty, students, and alumni on any aspect of music you can imagine and probably some you haven't.

Being Human: Begun during Pitt's Year of the Humanities, Being Human aims to create conversations between the humanities and other disciplines – conversations that let humanists and scholars in other fields learn from each other and create new forms of understanding as the 21st century unfolds.

SRB Podcast: To many, Russia, and the wider Eurasia, is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. But it doesn’t have to be. The SRB Podcast dispels the stereotypes and myths about the region with lively and informative interviews on Eurasia’s complex past, present, and future. Sean Guillory is the host and producer of the SRB Podcast. He is the Digital Scholarship Curator in the Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

Remains to Be Seen: We know where the bodies are hidden. An anatomy professor, an English professor, and a future med student talk about the history of the human body in medicine, anatomy, and culture.

PittEdcastPittEdcast is a podcast for the change makers, the agitators, and the innovators…the individuals who are doing transformative work in the field of the education.

Criminal Injustice: Sometimes challenging, often disturbing, occasionally absurd, always timely: Criminal Injustice explores the most complex and urgent issues facing the U.S. criminal justice system in conversation with the field's most knowledgeable experts.

Products of Pittsburgh: The Products of Pittsburgh podcast is about the people in Pittsburgh – innovators, scientists, community leaders – and the remarkable stories behind how they came to be and the work they have produced.

MyPath StoryBooth: Whether you’re facing an illness yourself, helping a loved one with a diagnosis, hoping to develop a research project that can improve health or healthcare, or trying to provide better medical care yourself, the PaTH patient story archive can give you an idea of what others have faced in their health journeys and help you gain a better understanding of patient and caregiver perspectives.

"Time Out" with the Career Center: We began our podcast in Fall 2020 as a way to connect with our students virtually and spread the word about events, programs, employers, and career opportunities.

Pitt Medcast: An award-winning podcast from the editorial offices of Pitt Med exploring matters of life, death, and well-being.

Pitt Pulse: On this show, we’ll be exploring topics to better understand the intersection between science and society. We’ll be exploring topics ranging from scientific literacy to racism in STEM.

Cell Cultured: New scientific discoveries and innovations in the world and at the University of Pittsburgh

Information Ecosystems: The project seeks to advance critical understanding of where data comes from and how it is used, setting the present moment within a century-long history of information supply and its power-laden consequences.