Guided Workshops

Creating Cartoneras with Pantera Cartonera @ Pitt

Wednesday, May 31
12-2 p.m. 
C4C: The Workshop (downstairs in the University Store on Fifth)
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Make your own cartonera with PanteraCartonera@Pitt and the Center for Creativity at this hands-on workshop.

The cartonera publishing trend began in Buenos Aires in 2003, and was organized by writers and artists who produced hand-made books at low-cost using recycled cardboard (thus the name "cartonera"). The books are produced in a collective-circular way, in which authors become designers, designers become creators, and creators become authors. 

The phenomenon has expanded across the Americas, Europe, and Africa. Many have “recycled” the model, adapting it to their local contexts, communities, and social needs. 

Basic materials will be supplied. If you have items that you would like to use that have a personal meaning to you, please bring them. Food will be provided!

PanteraCartonera@Pitt is a joint initiative between the Center for Latin American Studies and the University Library System.​