Chasing COVID

The University of Pittsburgh Center for Creativity presents Chasing COVID, a new film that takes viewers inside the lab of the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Vaccine Research where Dr. Paul Duprex, Director and Jonas Salk Professor, and his team have been working collaboratively with scientists around the world to unlock the secrets of COVID-19 and find ways to defeat coronavirus.

This engaging and inspiring half-hour program explores how today's research builds on pioneering work of the Pitt Virus lab which developed the Salk polio vaccine and how changes in technology have led to a new "vaccine renaissance."

It also reveals how challenges still remain about how to get a vaccine candidate from lab to the public, touches on questions of vaccine hesitancy and equity, and why a combination of science, creativity, and teamwork is necessary for us to defeat this and further pathogens that may come along.

CHASING COVID Panel Discussion