Text & conText Other Equipment & Materials

metal typeface set in a business card design

We have seven cabinets filled with wood and metal type, in an array of sizes and typefaces, including Grotesque, Michaelangelo, Civilite, and many more. Some drawers also contain graphical elements.

iron slug cutter with a wood base

slug cutter trims the metal spacing (leading) that goes between lines of text. We have the composing sticks (used to assemble type into words and lines), furniture (used to fill up blank space in a layout), chases (frames used to hold the type and graphic elements), and other tools you need to create your project. There's lots of lingo in the printing process, but our staff can help you tell your quoin from your forme.


tabletop platen press with painted design on its side

A tabletop platen press is great for postcards, business cards, and other smaller printing projects. The process of typesetting and layout is the same for flatbed and platen presses, so once you learn the tricks, you can easily scale your projects up or down.

In addition, Text & conText features all the materials and tools you need for:
  • PVA glue
  • Awls and bone folders
  • Bookbinding needles and waxed thread
  • Book board and bookcloth
  • Book presses
  • Brayers and barens
  • Gelli plates for monoprints
  • Linoleum and woodblocks, plus carving tools
  • A wide selection of inks and paper
  • Blender
  • Paper press
  • Handmolds
  • Couch (blotter) sheets
Paper marbling
  • Trays and marbling ink
  • Carrageenan and premixed size
  • Combs and marbling sticks
  • Holders, nibs, and inks
  • Calligraphy paper