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Our Text & conText programs are designed to introduce and develop skills in all aspects of printing, text- and book-based making, and to inspire curiosity and investigation in the practices involved in these creative forms.

Topics may include writing, bookbinding, zines, print and paper making, calligraphy and hand lettering, paper engineering (pop-up books, origami or other forms of paper manipulation), paper marbling, altered and artist books, poster design, and more!


Intro to Bookbinding

Intro to Bookbinding reference instructions


Marvelous Monotypes

Shannon Fink, printmaker and Center for Creativity Operations Manager, shows you how to make monotypes using a variety of simple supplies you probably already have at home! Required materials: cardboard, tape, tracing or waxed paper, scissors or X-Acto knife, crayons or pastels.


(Almost) No-Sew Bookmaking

Anaïs Grateau, the Archives & Special Collections Preservation Coordinator for the University of Pittsburgh Library System, shows you how to make two simple (almost) no-sew books: the dos-à-dos and the concertina.


Creativity on Fire: Making Zines

C4C student ambassador and zine maker Kami Beckford introduces you to zines: self-published, inexpensive publications rooted in self-expression, art, community, and making knowledge accessible. Learn simple six- and eight-page layouts and get some tips and tricks for making your own! 

The Center for Creativity is proud to have hosted this workshop in collaboration with The Center for African American Poetry and Poetics’ (CAAPP) week-long Black Study Intensive, “Collective Protest and Rebellion."



originally held Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020

Sources for poetry are all around us: newspaper articles, scientific and law journals, junk mail.... Join C4C Manager of Communications and Programming and poet Erik Schuckers to explore found poetry through the blackout process in this workshop.